Preservation engages
the past in a conversation
with the present
over a mutual concern
for the future

  • China Heritage Fund
  • Morningside participated in the founding of the China Heritage Fund in 1997 which was set up to protect and to restore historic buildings in China. Its first project, done in conjunction with the Palace Museum of Beijing, was to restore the Jian Fu Palace Garden located within the Forbidden City. This palace was built in 1740 by the Qianlong Emperor and was burnt down in 1923. The rebuilding, with the same craftsmanship as was employed in the original palace, took five years and was completed in 2006.

  • Shanghai Art Deco
  • In the pre-WWII years, many houses in the former French concession of Shanghai were designed in the Art Deco style by European architects. Morningside has restored a collection of such houses. To step into Morningside’s Shanghai office is to step into the Shanghai of the 1940s.

  • Huangshan Houses
  • Huangshan, a city located in the province of Anhui, boasts over 2200 years of history. Its houses were built in the vernacular style of architecture with high white walls and contrasting gray roof tiles. Morningside has preserved 100 of these old style houses.

  • Heckfield Place
  • Heckfield Place is a late eighteenth century English manor house set in four hundred acres of Hampshire countryside.  It opened to critical acclaim, named UK Hotel of the Year by The Sunday Times.